2016 NFL: Season Preview & Betting Tips

2016 NFL: Season Preview Betting Tips

Tue, 30/08/2016 – 9:58am, Johnny Houston

Alright punters, a 2016 NFL deteriorate is customarily a few weeks away, yet with a pre-season commencement Friday 12th Aug we will demeanour for some value betting on a destiny markets with a NFL deteriorate kicking off Sep 9th.

Before we get into my 2016 NFL deteriorate betting tips and predictions, this is a good event to do a discerning rider of intelligent punting methods and obliged gambling.

Did we know that in sequence to make a distinction when betting NFL we need to strike above 52.5% of your bets (assuming we are betting $1.92 line odds). This competence demeanour and sound easy yet it’s indeed really tough. Only a best handicappers (punters) consistently strike above 53% of winner’s year after year. Below are some methods and collection we can use to give yourself a best event during profiting this season.

Money Bankroll Management: this is a really elementary judgment to know yet it will take a lot of willpower to belong to, generally over a march of a season. You can review some-more about learning sports betting stake government here.

Find edges + Game preference just since there is a Monday night diversion on or your favourite group is playing. It doesn’t meant we have to play on it. In sequence to make a distinction we competence have to lay out. Don’t force bets.

Line Shopping to give yourself a best event of creation income this deteriorate we will need mixed sportsbooks to select from. Think of sportsbooks like we cruise of supermarkets. Each supermarket will have opposite specials day-in day-out. Just like a sportsbooks will offer opposite lines/odds on a same game. You can find out what we cruise a best Australian sports betting websites here.

Bet solemn with no emotion: This competence sound apparent yet celebration and betting do not mix. Also remember that how we hoop your waste will establish how successful we are as a sports bettor. Now let’s take a demeanour during NFL deteriorate wins (over/under) totals.

With all this in mind, let’s take a demeanour during a 2016 NFL deteriorate and don’t forget we will be charity NFL betting tips all year long!

2016 NFL Season Preview Betting Tips


Buffalo Bills
If we demeanour adult common in a compendium there should be a large Buffalo Bills trademark there. Year after year they finish around 8-8 (wins-losses). Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor won’t be means to hasten for initial downs like he did final deteriorate and there is an damage cloud over energetic playmaker Sammy Watkins. Their report is distant worse than it appears on paper. we can’t see them improving on final season’s record.
Tip: Buffalo Bills underneath 8.5 deteriorate wins – $1.68 during Sportsbet

New York Jets
This group is a dumpster fire. They seem to always make headlines for a wrong reasons. The many new being a deadlock between quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and a Jets Management over compensate dispute. They eventually sealed him to a one-year contract. However, they’ll need some-more than customarily a B reduction quarterback to have a winning season. A bad descent line and a tough report will keep a Jets deteriorate wins really low.
Tip: New York Jets underneath 7.5 deteriorate wins – $2.10 during Sportsbet

New England Patriots
Drama Drama Drama. If we haven’t listened quarterback Tom Brady will skip a initial 4 games due to suspension. Replacing Brady is Jimmy Garoppolo (who looks like a genuine deal). Interestingly adequate a line for a opening diversion didn’t pierce after Brady’s cessation was confirmed. This tells me a contingency makers in Vegas are assured that a Patriots can cover a proxy detriment of Brady. The Patriots will once again make a low run. They have a good Offensive line and Defense. Not to discuss a hall-of-fame coach/quarterback combo.
Tip: New England Patriots over 10.5 deteriorate wins – $1.82 during Sportsbet

Miami Dolphins
If we suspicion things were bad during a Jets. This competence be a misfortune NFL group in 2016/17. From stupid tenure to bad recruiting a Miami Dolphins demeanour like they are arching out of control. Their report is also tough that includes early highway games opposite a Seahawks, Patriots and Bengals. After these early waste their spirits will be during an all-time low.
Tip: Miami Dolphins underneath 6.5 deteriorate wins – $2.10 during Sportsbet


Cincinnati Bengals
The Bengals have a really clever home margin advantage that is one of a many critical factors to cruise when betting deteriorate totals. Their quarterback Andy Dalton is during best a B minus. However, he can censor behind a really good Offensive line and a far-reaching receiver that creates him demeanour many improved than he is. The Bengals Defense is plain and will keep them in a lot of games.
Tip: Cincinnati Bengals over 9.5 deteriorate wins – $1.66 during Sportsbet

Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens were a unluckiest group final season. They suffered a many volume of poignant injuries and also had many tighten games that could have left presumably way. They will be a opposite side this deteriorate with a lapse of quarterback Joe Flacco. I’m presaging a nine-win deteriorate for a Ravens.
Tip: Baltimore Ravens over 8.5 deteriorate wins – $2.17 during Sportsbet

Pittsburgh Steelers
Despite a detriment of gifted receiver Martavis Bryant a Steelers have all a right mixture to win a superbowl. They have arguably a many manly offense in a joining led by QB Ben Roethlisberger and far-reaching receiver Antonio Brown. They are not customarily a large hazard by a atmosphere yet can pierce a bondage on a belligerent too. Running behind Le’Veon Bell is a savage and their fill-in De’Angelo Williams is no dud. we have a Pittsburgh Offensive line ranked 4th in my energy rankings and if core Maukice Pouncey stays healthy we trust they can go all a way.
Tip: Pittsburgh Steelers over 10.5 deteriorate wins – $1.73 during Sportsbet

Cleveland Browns
The Browns are a misfortune group in a NFL. The odds-makers in Vegas don’t have them lucky in any diversion and we totally agree. As we am essay this a Browns customarily announced they will be starting Robert Griffin (or RGIII) during quarterback. Don’t be fooled by this “Mutton dressed as Lamb” player. Despite that they have no playmakers on offense and have mislaid approach too many pivotal players on Defense. They competence win a integrate of games yet we wouldn’t be repelled to see them put adult a large fat donut (0-16).
Tip: Cleveland Browns underneath 4.5 deteriorate wins – $2.37 during Sportsbet


Tennessee Titans
I do see this group improving on final year’s 3-13 record yet customarily by one win. Quarterback Marcus Mariota has bulked adult a bit that competence keep him on a park yet could also impact a approach he throws a football. The Titans best play is smash-mouth football. They acquired using behind DeMarco Murray from a Eagles that should assistance their using game. However, they can't stop any one. My prophecy is a four-win season.
Tip: Tennessee Titans underneath 5.5 deteriorate wins – $2.17 during Sportsbet

Houston Texans
The Texans were really active in a Offseason appropriation giveaway representative quarterback Brock Osweiler from a Denver Broncos. He is still elaborating and could be a really good actor in a nearby future. They also got absolved of a ageing Arian Foster and transposed him with Lamar Miller. A immature using behind from Miami. The Offense will take time to gel. The Defense is one of a best in a NFL. we have them ranked 4th in my energy rankings. Between their Defense and home games we see them winning 8+ games.
Tip: Houston Texans over 8.5 deteriorate wins – $1.73 during Sportsbet

Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jags went 5-11 final deteriorate and showed signs of improvement. They now have a quarterback Blake Bortles that can manage/win games. Jacksonville competence have over payed for using behind Chris Ivory yet his serve will no doubt assistance a Jags urge on their 5 win 2015 season. Their Defensive front 7 is really gifted yet we don’t cruise they are prepared to be a .500 group customarily yet.
Tip: Jacksonville Jaguars underneath 7.5 deteriorate wins – $1.93 during Sportsbet

Indianapolis Colts
No Luck for a Colts in 2015. we meant that literally. If there’s no Andrew Luck there is no Colts. That’s how critical this man is. He had no insurance final deteriorate so building a new Offensive line was apparently a series one priority for a Colts. That reconstruct began with Ryan Kelly a core from Alabama. Even yet Andrew Luck was out many of a deteriorate (even played with a ripped kidney) a Colts still managed 8 wins. With their upgraded O-Line and Luck behind they can win a AFC South.
Tip: Indianapolis Colts over 9.5 wins – $2.50 during Sportsbet


Denver Broncos
The 2015 Superbowl champions won 12 games final season. That will not occur this season. The Broncos contend goodbye to Payton Manning and they weren’t means to keep Brock Osweiler either. Stepping in during quarterback is Mark Sanchez. A actor that has had his chances and can't be trusted. They also mislaid starters on a Offensive line that creates using a turn a large ask. The Broncos Line-backers will do their best to keep Denver in games yet their interior line has a few holes. The AFC West is built and blank a playoffs would not warn me during all.
Tip: Denver Broncos underneath 9.5 deteriorate wins – $1.60 during Sportsbet

San Diego Chargers
When Phillip Rivers is left this group is going to demeanour behind and cruise “why did we not do some-more to strengthen this quarterback”. Rivers is an A quarterback on a C team. They have finished some changes to a Offensive line yet not adequate to make a large impact. There is no genuine home belligerent advantage in San Diego and a coaching staff don’t make a best decisions (especially on diversion day). we have them finishing on 7 or reduction wins.
Tip: San Diego Chargers underneath 7.0 deteriorate wins – $2.26 during Sportsbet

Oakland Raiders
This is a large BUZZ team. All a analysts are presaging a “break out” season. It all starts with quarterback Derek Carr. Carr threw 32 touchdowns and roughly 4000 yards in 2015. we can’t see a reason since these numbers won’t continue generally with Oakland’s Offensive line (ranked in my tip 10) and far-reaching receiver Amari Cooper. The Defense gave adult 25 points a game. However, a Raiders finished some large inclusions on a defensive side of a ball. That’s adequate for me to buy into a winning deteriorate (possibly a playoff team).
Tip: Oakland Raiders over 8.5 deteriorate wins – $1.85 during Sportsbet

Kansas City Chiefs
This is an aged propagandize football team. They have a good invulnerability and keep a turn on a ground. It’s not like they have a choice with a quarterback like Alex Smith. Smith is famous as a diversion manager and poses no hazard (especially down a field) to hostile teams. Running behind Jamaal Charles competence have to lift this group all deteriorate and that is seeking a lot from a using behind entrance off a ripped ACL.
Tip: Kansas City Chiefs underneath 9.5 deteriorate wins – $1.99 during Sportsbet


Dallas Cowboys
Tony Romo pennyless his collarbone in turn 2 final deteriorate and a Cowboys deteriorate was over. That’s how critical a efficient quarterback is in this league. Romo mostly gets a tough time yet he is an A quarterback in my book. If Romo stays healthy a Cowboys have all a pieces around him to make a playoffs. They have a series 1 ranked Offensive line that is since they took a large possibility on Ezekiel Elliott in a draft. It could be one of a smartest or dumbest breeze moves ever. The Cowboys don’t have to win many games in a diseased NFC East yet we cruise they will.
Tip: Dallas Cowboys over 9.5 deteriorate wins – $2.14

Washington Redskins
The Redskins won 9 games final deteriorate with a really easy schedule. This seasons report is many tougher. Quarterback Kurt Cousins played out of his skin and we am presaging a retrogression from Cousins in 2016. Their invulnerability is normal (except for a secondary) and their Offense is average. At best they are a .500 team.
Tip: Washington Redskins underneath 7.5 deteriorate wins – $1.68

Philadelphia Eagles
I can’t trust a Eagles dismissed conduct manager Chip Kelly after one season. They are now in rebuilding mode (again). They sole a plantation for rookie quarterback Carson Wentz and now leave themselves in a position that could risk a growth of Wentz. First year manager Doug Pederson has a prolonged deteriorate forward of him.
Tip: Philadelphia Eagles underneath 7.5 deteriorate wins – $1.56 during Sportsbet

NY Giants
New York won customarily 6 games final deteriorate and dismissed destiny hall-of-fame manager Tom Coughlin. This was a mistake in my opinion. They will enter a deteriorate with first-year manager Ben McAdoo. Historically initial year coaches always onslaught in a NFL. Even with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr personification their best a Giants have too many doubt outlines for a 2016/17 season.
Tip: New York Giants underneath 8.0 deteriorate wins -$2.03 during Sportsbet


Detroit Lions
The Lions mislaid Calvin Johnson (Megatron) in a offseason. That alone leaves a large hole to fill. They also mislaid pivotal defensive players for a second uninterrupted season. The biggest problem for Detroit is their Offensive line and it doesn’t demeanour like they have finished anything to repair it in a offseason. This is a genuine contrition since we would adore to see what Matthew Stafford could do in a good team.
Tip: Detroit Lions underneath 7.0 deteriorate wins – $1.87 during Sportsbet

Minnesota Vikings
The Vikings are positively a defensively disposed group averaging customarily 21.0 points a diversion in 2015. They have combined some pivotal players on Offense including far-reaching receiver Laquon Treadwell and maestro Guard Alex Boone. These additions will assistance QB Teddy Bridgwater yet eventually a predestine of a Offense falls in a hands of Adrian Peterson. As good as he is withdrawal your predestine to a using behind for a whole deteriorate is unsure business. Their home diversion report looks really tough with Green Bay, Houston, Arizona, Dallas and Indianapolis all able of an upset. we have a Vikings on 9 wins.
Tip: Minnesota Vikings underneath 9.5 deteriorate wins – $2.03 during Sportsbet

Chicago Bears
I’m not certain what a Bears destiny skeleton are. Quarterback Jay Cutler is branch 33 and display no signs of being a QB each one suspicion he would. They mislaid their prolonged time reserve net using behind Matt Forte to a NY Jets and a Offensive line is one of a misfortune in a league. The biggest certain for a Bears will be a 3 new line-backers acquired. However, we can’t see an alleviation on final season.
Tip: Chicago Bears underneath 7.5 deteriorate wins – $1.71 during Sportsbet

Green Bay Packers
Green Bay demeanour like genuine contenders this season. Aaron Rodgers had a down year yet he will no doubt rebound back. He is still my series 1 ranked QB in a NFL. The Offensive line looks many improved and a lapse of Jordy Nelson will make Green Bay a force again on Offense. On invulnerability a Packers will pierce Clay Matthews behind to outward line-backer (where he belongs). While safeties Ha Ha Clinton- Dix and Morgan Burnett make a Packers delegate a really manly unit.
Tip: Green Bay Packers over 10.5 deteriorate wins – $1.62 during Sportsbet


Atlanta Falcons
Somehow Atlanta won 8 games final season. This deteriorate we can’t see them winning some-more than five. The invulnerability couldn’t stop a runny nose and they haven’t addressed any problems in a offseason. Matt Ryan is a good quarterback yet a Falcons don’t have mixed receivers for him to target. They also have a terrible schedule.
Tip: Atlanta Falcons underneath 7.5 deteriorate wins – $1.67 during Sportsbet

Carolina Panthers
Last deteriorate a Panthers won 15 out of 16 games and finished a Superbowl. So expectancy will be high. Their report is many worse this deteriorate and they will also be on each teams strike list. In observant that they still have a really manly Offense and Defense. They will win a NFC South multiplication unless they a rocked by a sea of injuries.
Tip: Carolina Panthers over 10.5 deteriorate wins – $1.93 during Sportsbet

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Bucs are substantially one year off being a winning team. Jameis Winston looks like he can be a tip turn quarterback in a NFL yet customarily needs a few some-more pivotal players around him before he goes to a subsequent level. Running behind Doug Martin rushed for 1402 yards final deteriorate and we can’t see him putting adult those numbers again. They used many of their breeze picks on invulnerability yet they won’t make a large impact this deteriorate (maybe 2017/18 for a Bucs).
Tip: Tampa Bay Buccaneers underneath 7.5 deteriorate wins – $1.62 during Sportsbet

New Orleans Saints
Drew Brees is now 37 years old. Despite his age Brees threw for roughly 5000 yards final season. This won’t be a box this deteriorate deliberation a miss of playmakers on Offense. Tight finish Ben Watson was acquired by Baltimore and his deputy looks clumsy. The Saints have a really tough report forward of them and we trust they will regression from final year.
Tip: New Orleans Saints underneath 7.0 deteriorate wins – $2.13 during Sportsbet


Los Angeles Rams
This is going to be a really unsatisfactory year for Rams fans. They have put all their eggs in one basket after trade adult for a series one breeze collect (Jared Goff). It customarily cost them dual second turn picks, a third turn pick, a initial turn collect (2017) and a third turn (2017). The biggest problem is losing several pivotal defensive players. My prophecy is a 3-win season.
Tip: Los Angeles Rams underneath 7.5 deteriorate wins – $1.53 – during Sportsbet

Seattle Seahawks
This invulnerability will be behind to 100% streamer into a 2016 deteriorate and we design Seattle to make a low run in a playoffs. The customarily problem we can see is a Offensive line and this would customarily be a large emanate yet with Russell Wilson underneath core it doesn’t worry me. They have a inexhaustible schedule, generally early in a deteriorate and 12 wins is not out of a question.
Tip: Seattle Seahawks over 10.5 deteriorate wins – $1.71 during Sportsbet

San Francisco 49ers
This once good authorization is about to tumble even serve from grace. They announced they will be starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert who is reduction than average. Head Coach Chip Kelly has hereditary a really bad register on both sides of a ball. My prophecy is dual or reduction wins for a season.
Tip: San Francisco 49ers underneath 5.5 deteriorate wins – $1.77 during Sportsbet

Arizona Cardinals
If Carson Palmer stays healthy a Cardinals could go all a way. That seems to be a ubiquitous consensus. They have one of a best rosters on both Offense and Defense and a really good coach. This does feel like a final hurl of a bones for Arizona to win a Superbowl. Will Palmer hoop a pressure? A 10+ win deteriorate does seem practicable though.
Tip: Arizona Cardinals over 9.5 deteriorate wins $1.50 during Sportsbet 

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