What you need to know to successful bet on sports?

  1. Clearly understand the value conceptReally important is to understand if the odds are giving you any value.
    Often you might feel sure that a team is going to win the match, that might be true but are the odds offered better than probability it has to win?
    It is like buying an overpriced car and thinking it was good because you needed it.
  2. MathematicsIf you are not good at mathematics then most likely you are not good at betting too. To be successful in long term you should have a good staking plan and good understanding of odds and probability.
  3. Understanding of bookmakers oddsUsually bookmakers odds will reflect what peoples are expected to bet, and not based on what real probabilities are.
    Often bookmakers will offer odds on a way that they can balance liability. This is a great opportunity for smart gamblers because you can find great values.
    Big events are a good opportunity for this great values
  4. Ability to love a team that nobody likesThis is a good opportunity especially if a good team has had 3 or 4 bad games and all people abandon betting on it, there will be a greater value.
  5. Do not hope for the Big oneYou should know well when to bet and when not to bet the parlays, for this you have to analyse really good the values.
    If you do not analyse the value then it is a bad idea to use this kind of bets.
    So if you are betting a parlay of 5 with full priced odds of 2.0 for each, parlay odds should be 32.0.
    With the bookmaker offering odds 1.9 instead of 2.0 parlay odd would be 24.76, which means price will be 22% of full priced bet.
    Key for parlays is finding true value bets.
  6. Long termOf course it is great to win money real quick but that is really unlikely to happen so you have to think in long term. Is important to build a bankroll and slowly increase your stakes.
  7. BankrollThe only way to make money is to have a bankroll that can absorb losses, which means your stakes should be 2% of your bankroll.


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