UFC 193 Preview & Betting Tips

UFC 193 Preview Betting Tips

Wed, 11/11/2015 – 10:29am, Bettingwithgas

The UFC comes to Melbourne for a initial time and it has brought out a biggest star in an try to mangle a all-time assemblage record during Etihad Stadium on Nov 15. Ronda Rousey, Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Mark Hunt are a star attractions, yet a spattering of Australia’s best churned martial artists, and some good matchups, make UFC 193 a contingency see event. Check out all a UFC 193 betting tips below!

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Ronda Rousey (c) 12-0 vs Holly Holm (#7) 9-0

In a Main Event we have a unequaled Ronda Rousey, who in usually a few brief years has transcended a competition to be one of a many renouned athletes in a universe today. She is not usually undefeated yet totally untested in her MMA career. She has won her final 4 pretension defences in a sum 2 mins and 10 seconds and usually one competition has ever finished it out of a initial round. Her grappling is simply on another turn to everybody who stairs in enclosure with her. From a bind she works a flawless Judo diversion to put opponents on their behind and afterwards transitions to her signature arm bar with forlorn ease. Her distinguished continues to urge and she is now during a turn where she can knockout opponents roughly as fast as she can contention them. But her strongest charge competence be her strength of will. If we listen to any interview, there isn’t an unit of her that believes she can be beaten.

Long before Holly Holm entered a UFC she had been earmarked as intensity kryptonite for Rousey and while we cruise she is removing this quarrel a small bit shortly in her career, it creates for an intriguing match-up.  Prior to being an MMA superstar, Holm had a prolonged and shining fighting career. She is a mixed time universe champion and was twice voted Ring magazines womanlike warrior of a year. Holm has been means to transition to a some-more MMA accessible kickboxing character impossibly fast and she is one of a few womanlike fighters who have mixed conduct flog knockouts on their prominence reel. She likes to quarrel during stretch and throws a accumulation of kicks and prolonged punches, yet she is also dangerous fighting in a bind with harmful knees. She is by distant and divided a best striker Rousey has ever fought. Another advantage is she won’t be a deer in a headlights come quarrel night. Many of Rousey’s opponents are so genius flog before to a quarrel that a octagon transformation is merely a formality. Holm has been in large vigour fights mixed times in her career so going to a large dance shouldn’t confuse her. While Holm is a unusual striker she is a finish different on a belligerent as she has spent frequency any time there, yet we cruise it’s protected to contend she will be during a outrageous waste if this quarrel hits a mat.

Prediction: Although Holm presents a new and engaging nonplus for Rousey, we would have to give me Prince of Penzance contingency to cruise laying any extract on Holm. Holm is an gifted adequate striker to equivocate Rousey’s energy punches so we cruise a TKO/KO is unequivocally unlikely. The quarrel will come down to how prolonged Rousey can be kept on a outward before she closes a distance, Judo throws Holm onto her conduct and thatch in an arm bar. While Holm will apparently have a pristine distinguished advantage in this fight, she will be so endangered about a takedown that she will leave holes for Rousey to feat on a feet. we also cruise she will be indeterminate to chuck many kicks, given if Rousey can locate one, she will be means to fast get a quarrel to a ground. Ronda Rousey by 1st round submission

Bet: Ronda Rousey by 1st Round Submission – $1.83 during Sportsbet
+ a saver on Rousey 2nd Round acquiescence during $7.00 


Joanna Jedrzejczyk (c) 10-0 vs Valerie Letournea (#9) 8-3

Remarkably, Rousey is not a biggest favourite on a card. That honour goes to a fickle women’s strawweight champion, Joanna Jedrzejczyk. A mixed time universe champion in Muay Thai, Jedrzejczyk is simply in a tip 10 best strikers in all of MMA. Her superb distinguished extraction becomes even some-more apparent given she is fighting in a newest and shallowest multiplication in a UFC. Thus distant in her career it has been transparent that her opponents are simply not prepared to face a warrior of this description (barring Claudia Ghadella). Her flog downs of Carla Esparza and Jessica Penne left many a hardened MMA fan screaming during a TV for a ref to stop a fight. Being usually 52 kgs, Jedrzejczyk lacks one punch knockout power, yet is means to fibre together a clearly unconstrained array of distinguished combos. Coming from a Muay Thai certification her best strikes are knees and elbows and she uses these to retaliate opponents attempting takedowns. Like all tip turn strikers, she uses pleasing change of weight placement to beget power. She is usually as gentle entrance brazen and peppering her competition or retreating and picking off counters. She also has illusory footwork, constantly slicing off a enclosure and formulating angles. She is still an different apportion fighting off her behind and that is apparently where any competition will find a many success.

Letournea is a decent striker by women’s strawweight standards. She comes from a fighting certification and works behind a poke trace in a accumulation of high and low kicks. She has utterly good transformation and many softened distinguished counterclaim than a rest of Jedrzejczyk’s opponents, so it will be engaging to see how a champ fares violation that down. Strategically, she likes to mount and trade in a pocket, yet rather than quarrel she keeps her hands adult and chin tucked. Despite this, she will go into this one during a large distinguished disadvantage, so will need to rest on her grappling if she is any possibility of removing a victory. While she has decent positional grappling, she doesn’t have a unequivocally clever wrestling diversion and is entrance adult opposite an competition who not usually has shining takedown counterclaim yet also viciously punishes opponents who try takedowns. Unfortunately for Letournea all she does well, Jedrzejczyk does much, many softened and we usually don’t see a trail to feat for her here.

Prediction: With a Ronda Rousey uncover entrance down underneath we are going to have a lot of initial time viewers tuning into see what a UFC thing is all about. we worry a small bit that this quarrel competence put a few of those forms off. This is going to be a biased bloody flog down and a longer it goes a worse it’s going to look. Hopefully Letournea is buoyed by a event and can make this one competitive, yet we don’t cruise she will have anything for a Polish champion and will stoop to strikes in a early rounds. Jedrzejczyk by 2nd Round TKO.

Bet: Joanna Jedrzejczyk in Round 1,2 or 3 – $1.45 during Sportsbet


Mark Hunt (#8) 10-10-1 vs Antonio ‘BigFoot’ Silva (#11) 19-7

This quarrel is a replay one a biggest heavyweight fights in UFC history. In Dec 2013 in Brisbane, Mark Hunt and Bigfoot Silva battled in an epic five-round quarrel that was so behind and onward that a judges awarded a draw. Now fans in Melbourne will be treated to a supplement that hopefully has all a play from a initial quarrel yet with a some-more decisive ending.

Mark Hunt is a hardest puncher in a UFC. This was on uncover recently when he became a initial warrior in UFC story to KO a slab chin of Roy Nelson and he did it with a one punch walkaway uppercut. Very few fighters have been means to take Hunt’s best shots and Big Foot Silva’s chin will be a ideal tallness for Hunt’s signature leaping left hook. He competence demeanour delayed and cumbersome, yet Hunt is utterly nimble when he needs to be, utilizing intelligent conduct transformation to stay out of a approach of opponent’s energy shots. He is also utterly careful with his striking, watchful for an opening rather than gassing himself out with nonessential combinations.  His Achilles heel has always been takedown counterclaim and a belligerent diversion and nonetheless he has softened considerably in that area, it stays each opponent’s best possibility during victory. In his final fight, he had no answer for Stipe Miocic’s wrestling diversion and this is positively a plans Bigfoot could implement.

One of a large storylines entrance out of their initial quarrel was how Bigfoot was means to locate Hunt’s energy punches. That was rather answered in a post-fight drug tests when Bigfoot was found to have outrageously high levels of testosterone. He was subsequently dangling and has unequivocally struggled to recover that kind of form. He is still a colossus of a male with a lot of energy and will have comically large stretch advantage over Hunt.  He also possesses an underrated BJJ and wrestling diversion and if he is means to get Hunt on his behind we cruise he will be means to bruise him out.

Prediction: It’s tough to envision how dual fighters in a twilight of their career will perform. In their initial fight, Bigfoot found a lot of success when he kept a quarrel during stretch and was unequivocally spiteful Hunt with outward leg kicks. we cruise he will win a early apportionment of this quarrel in a identical fashion, but as shortly Hunt can tighten a stretch and use his higher technique to locate Bigfoot purify that’s going to be all she wrote. Mark Hunt by 1st turn KO.

Bet: Mark Hunt by KO – $1.57 during Sportsbet


Uriah Hall (#10) 12-5 vs Robert Whittaker (#14) 14-4 

This to me is a many engaging quarrel on a card. It is a good stylistic matchup between dual glorious opposite fighters. Since relocating adult to middleweight, Whittaker has reeled off dual ultra-impressive wins and a feat here will mortar him into a division’s tip 10. Fighting out of Sydney, Whittaker is essentially a striker holding a black belt in Hapkido and Karate.  He uses a poke and leg kicks to keep stretch and blitzes in that multi punch combinations. His best punch is a disagreeable left offshoot and he throws in a lot of radical strikes such as a opposite elbow.  Like many Karateka, Whittaker has illusory conduct transformation and timing, yet his charge can infrequently make him a bit hittable that competence spell risk opposite a striker of Hall’s calibre. Whittaker has well-developed takedown counterclaim and we don’t predict Hall being means to take this one to a mat.     

Hall exploded onto a theatre around ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ where he purebred a series of prominence tilt knockouts. His circle flog knockout of Adam Cella is still one of a scariest things we have seen in a octagon. However entrance off a uncover he unsuccessful to live adult to a hype and mislaid to a series of mid-level UFC fighters.  It seems in new times Hall has been starting to put it all together and has won 5 of his final 6 fights including a fantastic jumping behind flog KO opposite a heavily lucky Gegard Moussai. The biggest critique of Hall during his UFC reign has been miss of activity, even in fights were he has a poignant distinguished advantage he has been wavering to engage. When he does though, his strikes are devastating. Also a black belt in Karate, Hall has some of a best spinning attacks a octagon has seen. He has knockout energy in each prong and once he has an competition harm he has good instinctual belligerent and bruise to force a finish.

Prediction: This will be a fascinating contest. Both combatants have a technique and energy to finish a quarrel with one strike. There will be a lot of feeling out in this quarrel and one mistake or overextension could be all it takes. If it goes to decision, we cruise a Whittaker’s quarrel as he should be a some-more active fighter. Whittaker is undefeated in front of his home throng and Hall is holding this quarrel on brief notice. I’m picking a loser to get it finished in this one. Robert Whittaker by 3rd Round TKO.

Bet: Robert Whittaker by KO or on Points – $2.20 during Sportsbet


Stefan Struve (#14) 26-7 vs Jared Rosholt 13-2

I’m a small astounded this quarrel is on a categorical label deliberation some of a talent on a undercard, yet UFC fans adore to see a large group go during it. It is a hitch between dual flattering run of a indent heavyweights who will substantially never go on to plea a division’s elite. At 7 foot, Struve is a tallest male to ever contest in a UFC and has to cut weight to make a 120kg limit. At one theatre he looked like a destiny superstar, yet after a series of harmful waste and a review of heart and mental issues, that hype is totally gone. He has won usually once given 2012 and that was a lifeless preference opposite a totally shot Big Nog. He is a good Dutch kickboxer, yet isn’t unequivocally good during regulating his strech advantage preferring to trade in a pocket. He is effective during regulating his prolonged limbs to lift off submissions, quite triangle chokes. However he has small to no descent or defensive wrestling game.

Rosholt, a three-time NCAA All-American wrestler, is 5-1 in his UFC career. Wrestling forms a cornerstone of his diversion and he is a quintessential grinder. He is primarily a sequence wrestler looking to transition from singular legs or work his competition opposite a cage. On a belligerent he looks to wear a competition out with consistent vigour transitioning between headlocks and tip control. On a feet he has a hapless multiple of bad distinguished counterclaim and a think chin. Struve isn’t a hardest hitter in a heavyweight division, yet if he finds a chin he can really put Rosholt out. He is also flattering bad during regulating his strikes to set adult takedowns.

Prediction: The thing we can’t go past in this quarrel is Struve’s self-existent takedown counterclaim and Rosholt’s wrestling credentials. Rosholt will have to be heedful of removing tangled adult in Struve’s octopus limbs, yet if he can equivocate a large shot on a feet, it’s his quarrel to lose. Its probable Struve puts all his distinguished together and puts a hospital on, yet we usually can’t go past Rosholt as an underdog. Jared Rosholt by 30-27 decision.

Bet: Jared Rosholt to win – $2.14 during Sportsbet 

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UFC 193 Betting Promotions

If we are betting on a UFC, check out the UFC 193 betting promotions!


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Take note: Any of a tips in this essay are simply a author’s opinion, so play during your possess risk and always play responsibly.  Also be certain to check out the Before You Bet Twitter Page for all a thoughts in a lead adult to bets! Happy punting!

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