UFC 195 Preview & Betting Tips

UFC 195 Preview Betting Tips

Fri, 01/01/2016 – 11:51pm, Bettingwithgas

The initial UFC label of 2016 should be another good one, headlined by a Welterweight pretension quarrel between dual all-action fighters in Carlos Condit and Robbie Lawler. The rest of a label lacks large names though a engaging stylistic compare ups meant it should be a fascinating night of fights.  Below is our UFC 195 preview and betting tips.

Welterweight World Title

Robbie Lawler (c) 26-10 vs Carlos Condit (#4) 30-8

Lawler’s final pretension counterclaim opposite Rory MacDonald was one of a best fights of 2015 and this quarrel has each possibility of being one of a best of 2016. His opponent, Carlos Condit is assault personified and a hitch promises to be an comprehensive barnburner.  Lawler’s late career resurgence has been zero brief of spectacular. He hasn’t combined many new wrinkles to his diversion though has sensory all his existent tools. He is a striker with unequivocally effective distinguished counterclaim and well-developed takedown defence. He uses unequivocally good transformation and palm position to equivocate strikes and if he is taken down he has a unequivocally effective moth ensure to get a quarrel behind standing.

Condit is a Muay Thai practitioner who can chuck deleterious strikes with his hands, elbows, knees and feet. He lacks Lawler’s power, though has a many some-more different and substantially dangerous arsenal. His distinguished counterclaim is flawed, though relies on his iron chin to locate strikes. One thing that stood out from a Lawler/MacDonald quarrel was Lawler’s inability to retard a conduct kicks and Condit has a marvellous high flog so watch out for that. On a ground, Condit is unequivocally active though has a diseased wrestling game.  Condit also fights out of Jackson-Winklejohn that is one of a best camps in a business so we design him to have a unequivocally good diversion devise to understanding with Lawler’s strengths.

Prediction: This is a shining pretension quarrel and will no doubt be a aroused behind and onward war. we can make a clever box for possibly man winning. Lawler has been means to neutralize all opponents’ distinguished games and is unequivocally good during determining a distance. However Condit has a some-more different diversion and we consider his aloft cardio work rate will see him wear bullion for a initial time. Carlos Condit by 4th turn TKO.

Bet: Carlos Condit by KO or on Points – $2.63 during Sportsbet

Andrei Arlovski (#2) 25-10 vs Stipe Miocic (#3) 13-2

This quarrel will substantially confirm who is subsequent in line to quarrel for a UFC heavyweight title. The Belarussian Arlovski won a heavyweight pretension behind in 2005 and it will be a conspicuous story if he is means to wear bullion again. He has a flattering identical diversion to Lawler, relying on conspicuous takedown counterclaim to keep a quarrel on a feet and utilizes a punch-heavy distinguished game. In his second army in a UFC he has been a lot some-more careful, looking to collect his spots on a feet and stay out of operation to win decisions rather than a assertive knockout artist he was in his younger days (except for his crazy one turn quarrel with Travis Browne).

Stipe Miocic is a unequivocally high turn wrestler-boxer. He is a former golden gloves champion and NCAA multiplication one wrestler. He throws in combinations and mostly ends a combinations with a takedown attempt. He is also unequivocally good during forcing his opponents adult opposite a enclosure and regulating some unwashed boxing. In his final fight, Miocic positively broken Mark Hunt in Adelaide by unwashed fighting opposite a cage, removing a takedown and alighting belligerent and pound. This is positively a diversion devise that could work opposite Arlovski, so it’s going to be an engaging conflict between Miocic’s wrestling an Arlovski’s glorious takedown defence.

Prediction: Miocic will pull brazen and move a quarrel to Arlovski many some-more than prior opponents that will force him out of his comfort zone. Both these guys have good distinguished defence, though Arlovski has shown a flattering consider chin during times so we consider Miocic has a apart some-more expected possibility of a knockout. Miocic is unequivocally tip complicated so if he can get Arlovski down he should be means to win rounds that way. Stipe Miocic by 30-27 decision.

Bet:  Over 1.5 rounds – $1.63 during Ladbrokes

Lorenz Larkin 16-4 vs Albert Tumenov 16-2

This is another striker contra striker matchup with guaranteed action. Larkin is a unequivocally good contestant with a immeasurable array of quick and absolute strikes. He throws a lot of crazy techniques like a superman bend that mostly leave him unprotected to counters. Larkin can to be a bit wavering on a feet and can remove rounds due to miss of output. He has a unequivocally good bind diversion and defensive wrestling, though roughly never shoots for takedowns of his own.

Tumenov is a reduction flashy, though impossibly technical and intelligent striker who we trust will quarrel for a welterweight pretension in a not too apart future. He uses feints unequivocally effectively to get his opponents in operation and afterwards unloads with harmful energy and accuracy. He doesn’t chuck many kicks though is glorious during tackling them, so Larkin will have to be heedful of that. He favours maladroit hooks and uppercuts. Like Larkin, he hasn’t shown off many descent wrestling though his quarrel sambo credentials means he certainly has some good takedowns.

Prediction: This quarrel should play out roughly wholly on a feet. There we have a faster some-more bomb Larkin vs a technically artistic Tumenov. Tumenov usually needs to land one good strike to put we divided and Larkins chin has looked consider in a past. we gaunt towards a Tumenov KO here, though Larkin competence only be learned adequate to equivocate a large punches and force this one to a judges. Tumenov by 2nd turn KO.

Bet:  Tumenov by KO or on Points – $1.45 during Sportsbet

Diego Brandao 24-10 vs Brian Ortega 9-0

This quarrel is nonetheless another engaging character matchup. Brandao is a dangerous striker and Ortega is an equally-dangerous acquiescence artist. Brandao is famous especially for his knockout energy and assertive distinguished style, though he is indeed a unequivocally good dull fighter. He is an glorious wrestler and binds a BJJ black belt. However his Achilles heel is cardio and mindset. In prior fights he has totally close down during about a one and half turn symbol and mostly seems to quit if his competition is requesting too many pressure.

Ortega is one of a singular fighters who are many dangerous when fighting off their back. He is a Gracie black belt in BJJ and utilizes a unequivocally active and sparkling rubber guard. His distinguished is usually improving, though will come into this quarrel with both a energy and technique disadvantage. He is also a flattering bad wrestler, that means Brandao should be means to control where this quarrel takes place. Even is this quarrel does go to Ortega’s wheelhouse, Brandao is still a unequivocally efficient grappler and Ortega will need to be unequivocally cunning to locate a submission.

Prediction: Brandao comes into this one as a flattering poignant loser and we consider that line is a bit off. Brandao is one of a best one turn fighters in a featherweight multiplication and there’s a unequivocally good possibility he gets an early knockout. But even if he can’t get a finish, his ability advantages still meant he’s a decent possibility during winning on a judges’ cards. Diego Brandao by turn 1 TKO.

Bet: Diego Brandao by KO or on points – $3.30 during Sportsbet

Abel Trujillo 12-7 vs Tony Sims 12-3

This is a classical matchup between a furious soldier in Trujillo and a some-more technical striker in Sims. Both of these guys are essentially boxers, with Trujillo carrying a poignant energy advantage though Sims carrying a aloft output, improved distinguished counterclaim and improved footwork. Trujillo likes to come brazen winging tough punches and excels in a bind and in a pocket. Unfortunately Tujillo has shown off some flattering terrible cardio and always slows down once a quarrel goes into a latter stages.

Sims is some-more of a counterpuncher that will be an advantage confronting an assertive striker like Trujillo. He is unequivocally active on a feet, constantly encircling divided and changing stanches that should perplex his opponent. If this one goes to a building we consider Sims will have a grappling advantage though we design it to play out essentially on a feet. 

Prediction: The contingency in this one are flattering many even and we determine it’s a unequivocally tough one to call. we design it to go one of dual ways, possibly Trujillo gets a early knockout or Sims is means to continue a charge and possibly get a late blocking or win a decision. I’m siding with Sims here, he has a good quarrel IQ and he should come in with a diversion devise to equivocate Trujillo’s energy shots. Tony Sims by 29-28 decision.

Bet: Tony Sims to win – $1.81 during Sportsbet



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