UFC 196 Preview & Betting Tips

UFC 196 Preview Betting Tips

Sat, 05/03/2016 – 9:00am, Bettingwithgas

UFC 196 was meant to be one of a biggest fights of a year, though things finished adult a small opposite than approaching as Connor McGregor will no longer quarrel Rafael Don Anjos and will now be holding on Nate Diaz. It’s still going to be a large day (which also includes a Holly Holm v Miesha Tate fight) however, so review on for our UFC 196 Preview Betting Tips. 
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Conor McGregor 19-2 vs Nate Diaz 18-10

McGregor was creatively scheduled to pierce adult to a lightweight multiplication and plea for Rafael Dos Anjos’ belt. However, for a second time in his final 3 fights, McGregor’s competition has pulled out on reduction than dual weeks’ notice. Unable to find an adequate deputy during lightweight, a UFC instead incited to a always engaging Nate Diaz and a quarrel will take place during welterweight, definition McGregor will be going adult 11kgs from his Dec scuffle with Jose Aldo.

Nate Diaz is one half of MMA’s barbarous Diaz brothers. Born and lifted on a revengeful streets of Stockton Californian, he and his hermit Nick (who’s now portion his third cessation for Marijuana use) truly live by a mantra ‘anywhere, anytime’. This opinion has seen them concerned in churned brawls in a crowd, during post quarrel speeches and even once during a sanatorium after an event. This, churned with their sparkling fighting character and unfiltered probity on a mic have finished them dual of a sports  most dear fighters, utterly among a hard-core contingent.  Fighting in a UFC given winning a ultimate warrior in 2007, Nate Diaz has fought a best of a best in a lightweight and welterweight groups and is a former pretension contender. His mount adult is roughly a CO duplicate of his hermit Nicks, he utilizes good footwork, high punching outlay and clever counters. Diaz has really dangerous BJJ and is obliged for some of a UFC’s many noted submissions, though has 0 descent or defensive wrestling so unless Conor chooses to take him down (which he won’t) Diaz won’t get a possibility to uncover off his considerable belligerent game. Being a semi-professional triathlete, Nate has some of a best cardio in a competition and we design him to be in a one pulling a gait notwithstanding holding this quarrel on brief notice. Although Diaz doesn’t have good distinguished defence, he has a good chin and implausible toughness and has usually been finished by strikes once in his career.

Although it’s unsatisfactory this quarrel will not be for a lightweight belt, McGregor is such a shining showman in and out of a enclosure that him vs a hills raise would be value a cost of a PPV. The multiple of insubordinate movement, unusual techniques and wretched energy make him one of a many sparkling strikers on a UFC’s roster. Movement is a substructure of McGregor’s style, he uses it to emanate angles and force opponents into passed space. We haven’t seen a lot of his belligerent game, though we design this quarrel holding place roughly wholly on a feet. Because he ends fights so quickly, his cardio has not nonetheless been tested so that will be something to watch if Diaz can drag this into a after rounds. McGregor is used to being a bigger guy, though will be giving divided a poignant stretch and strech advantage in this quarrel so it will be engaging to see how he that approaches that puzzle.

Prediction: McGregor will have a large speed, energy and technique advantage in this quarrel and given we design it to be a pristine distinguished event it’s tough to see anything other than a McGregor victory. Diaz will have such a strech advantage and is so tough that we don’t consider McGregor will be means to make discerning work of it, though eventually Diaz will stoop to a strenuous energy punches. Conor McGregor by 4th TKO.

Bet: Over 1.5 rounds – $2.10 during William Hill


Holly Holm (c) 10-0 vs Miesha Tate (#2) 17-5   

Batamnweight pretension fight

Holly Holm will demeanour to urge her belt for a initial time given winning it as a nearby rare loser opposite Ronda Rousey in Melbourne final November. The implausible thing about her feat was that while it finished with a fantastic conduct kick, it was not a portion shot; she dominated a whole 6 mins of a fight. Her initial pretension counterclaim will be opposite a always game, former Strikeforce champion, Miesha Tate. Tate is substantially best famous as giving Rousey a toughest dual tests of her career, before succumbing to an armbar in both fights.

Holly Holm is a best technical striker in a Women’s MMA. She has a flashy fighting and kickboxing career and has a ability to collect opponents detached or finish them in harmful fashion. She will have a large advantage over Tate in each facet of a stand-up game. Although a shining descent and defensive technician, a many considerable aspect of her distinguished is movement. She is really skilful during gripping competition during a finish of her kicks and punches where they are incompetent to effectively fire for takedowns. Her takedown counterclaim has also been ultra-impressive so far; she has not usually pressed a takedown, though punished opponents for attempting it.

You competence consider that with Rousey emphatically violence Tate twice and Holm afterwards winning Rousey that this should be an easy win for Holm. But MMA maths should never be devoted and we design this to be a hotly contested fight. Tate comes from a wrestling credentials and should she be means to get this quarrel to a belligerent she will be means to win rounds if not force a submission. Holm showed off good takedown counterclaim opposite Rousey, though Tate will be some-more tactical with a takedown and will be improved during environment them adult with strikes. She is also an effective sequence wrestler. Her descent distinguished is slow, though effective and she is one of a few women to effectively use feints. She has bad distinguished counterclaim and is strike frequently in fights. However she is notoriously tough to put divided and has usually been stopped once due to strikes in her Strikeforce/UFC career and that was due to a rarely argumentative knee by Cat Zingano.

Prediction: Holm looked flawless in dispatching Rousey final November, though we consider that had as many to do with Rousey’s bad gameplan and inability to adjust than it did Holm’s technical brilliance. If Tate chooses to follow Holm around a octagon, she will be picked detached in identical fashion. But we design Tate to have a many improved gameplan; tighten a distance, severe holm opposite a enclosure and demeanour to land takedowns. While Holm’s distinguished bravery and bargain of stretch means she should get a pursuit done, we consider this quarrel will be a rival decision. Holly Holm around 49-46 decision.

Bet: Holly Holm by Unanimous preference – $3.25 during Ladbrokes


Gian Villante (#13) 14-6 vs Ilir Latifi 11-4 (#14)

At usually 5’8”, Latifi is a shortest light heavyweight in UFC history, though he is also one of a division’s hardest hitters. He has won 4 of his final 5 fights by 1st turn stoppage. Being built like a bar fridge means Latifi is really formidable to takedown, though he has a clever descent wrestling diversion and a infancy of his wins come after he gets an competition down and afterwards pounds on them mercilessly compartment a arbitrate is forced to stop in. On a feet he is an effective opposite puncher, though if Villante can keep out of operation it will be formidable for him to tighten a distance. Both Laitifi and Villante have shown off flattering bad gas tanks so if this one goes into a after rounds it could get flattering ugly.  

Gian Villante is best famous as a childhood crony and array one training partner of former middleweight champion Chris Weidman. He is a clever wrestler, who mostly abandons a takedown to trade leather and perform a crowd. On a feet he is easy though does have a lot of energy in both his punches and kicks. He tends to bucket adult on punches rather than throwing in combination. Unfortunately he is really hittable, that spells risk opposite a striker with Latifi’s life-altering power.

Prediction: Villante has dual flattering transparent ways to win here; he can keep Latifi on a outward and outpoint him or put him on his behind and win rounds by determining on top. The thing with Villante is that he substantially won’t even try that and will instead demeanour to trade bombs on a feet. He is totally outgunned in this character of quarrel and earlier or after Latifi will locate him purify and put a lights out. Ilir Latifi by 1st KO.

Bet: Latifi by KO/TKO – $1.91 during Sportsbet


Corey Anderson (#12) 7-1 vs Tom Lawlor 10-5

This is a quarrel between a visitor with some critical upside in Corey Anderson and a savy maestro on a downside of his career in Tom Lawlor. Corey Anderson can be best described as a boring, predicted wrestler that make his fights lifeless to watch though good to bet.

On a belligerent Anderson is all about control and strikes, he has never attempted a acquiescence in his UFC career. On a feet he is a run of a indent high outlay multiple boxer, that is used especially to setup a takedown.  He will come into this quarrel as a distant higher athlete, with poignant strength, speed and cardio advantage. He also fights underneath origin of Mark Henry, one of a sharpest minds in business so design him to have an glorious diversion plan. You have to have critical concerns about his chin, several times in his career he has been rocked by clearly harmless punches.  

Filthy Tom Lawlor is entrance off a crazy come from behind KO win over a aforementioned Gian Villante. He didn’t demeanour good in that fight, though if zero else it showed he still has dynamite in those hands. Lawlor comes from a wrestling background, though he tends to use it some-more defensively and we consider he will be a defective wrestler in this quarrel anyway. He can be utterly dangerous in scrambles and has a disagreeable guillotine, so Anderson will have to be heedful of that. On a feet he sticks to especially true lefts and hooks and does many of his repairs when countering.

Prediction:  Lawler has usually two, really doubtful paths to feat in this fight, land a one-hitter-quitter or close adult a razor parsimonious guillotine. we consider we will only see Corey Anderson do Corey Anderson things on his approach to a biased harsh decision. Corey Anderson by 30-27 decision.

Bet: Corey Anderson by preference – $1.83 during Sportsbet


Amanda Nunes (#4) 11-4 vs Valentina Shevchenko (#10) 12-1

To flog off a categorical label we have dual of a many sparkling strikers in womens MMA not named Holly Holm. The quarrel will many expected establish who is subsequent in line for a shot during a bantamweight title. Nunes is entrance off an impossibly considerable opening where she dispatched Olympic china medallist Sara McMahon in underneath 3 minutes. In fact, her final 6 wins have come by 1st turn blocking and she competence be a many dangerous 1st turn warrior in a division. However if her opponents are means to continue a storm, Nunes does tend to blur as a quarrel goes on. She has a lot of power, clever belligerent and bruise and dangerous BJJ, though does assault when put on her back.

This will be Shevchenko’s second quarrel in a UFC. She took her entrance on late notice and dissapoint a heavily lucky Sarah Kaufman. Despite being a new comer to a octagon, Shevcenko is a flashy Muay Thai practioner (with wins over Joanna Jedrzejczyk) and a second grade Tae Kwon do black belt. She is a southpaw with really considerable technical striking. During her entrance she also looked pretty gentle on a belligerent and has shown off plain acquiescence counterclaim in her fights before to a UFC.

Prediction: For me this quarrel goes one of dual ways. Either Nunes comes out and blitzes early and army a blocking or Shevchenko survives a early assault and uses her higher technique to win a preference or force a late stoppage. we was so tender with Shevchenko in her entrance and I’m looking brazen to see what she can do with a full training camp. My income is on a underdog. Valentina Shevchenko by 3rd TKO

Bet: Shevchenko to win – $2.10 during William Hill

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UFC 196 Betting Promotions 

William Hill – ‘Chase a KO’ 

The renouned ‘chase the’ array of promos from William Hill Australia is here for UFC 196 with a ‘UFC Chase a KO’ … Place a head-to-head play on possibly Connor McGregor or Nate Diaz during UFC 196 and if your warrior wins around KO, a will give we $1 for each notation remaining – adult to your stake. That means if we put $20 on McGregor and he knocks Diaz out in a 2nd notation of Round 2, we will accept a reward $18 on to of your loot – $1 for each notation remaining in a match! 

UFC 196 Betting Will Hill


CrownBet – ‘UFC Multi Insurance’  

A classical promo from CrownBet sees punters get a matched volume of Rewards Points equal to their interest adult to $50 if 1 leg in a 4+ leg head-to-head multi on UFC 196 day! Rewards points can be used to redeem reward bets!

CrownBet UFC 196 Betting


Sportsbet – ‘UFC Multi Booster’ 

The UFC multi special earnings to Sportsbet – get increased contingency on your multi depending on how many legs we play on with a max reward of $200! NOT AVAILABLE TO NSW, SA or WA RESIDENTS.

Place a 4 LEG MULTI get a 15% BONUS
Place a 5 LEG MULTI get a 20% BONUS
Place a 6+ LEG MULTI get a 25% BONUS 

UFC 196 Sportsbet Multi  

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Take note: Any of a tips in this essay are simply a author’s opinion, so play during your possess risk and always play responsibly.  Also be certain to check out the Before You Bet Twitter Page for all a thoughts in a lead adult to bets! Happy punting!

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