UFC 197 Preview & Betting Tips

UFC 197 Preview Betting Tips

Mon, 18/04/2016 – 3:37pm, Bettingwithgas

The third UFC vital of 2016 was creatively set to be a large hate compare between Jon Jones and Comier II, nonetheless unfortunately a latter had to lift out with a knee injury. Luckily, however, we are still treated with a huge UFC 197 as Jon Jones vs Ovince St. Preux headlines, along with a large flyweight pretension quarrel – Demetrious Johnson vs Henry Cejudo… so don’t skip a latest UFC betting tips with UFC 197 kicking off this Sunday, Apr 24th

Jon Jones (#1) 21-1 vs Ovince St. Preux (#6) 19-7

This quarrel was ostensible to be Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier II, one of a biggest hate matches in UFC history. Jones was looking to win behind his pretension from his many sour opposition after being nude of it following a transgression strike and run. Then 3 weeks out from a quarrel Jones was arrested for violating his trial and spent 2 nights in jail. But it was Cormier who would have to lift out of a quarrel following a knee repairs suffered in sparring. In stepped a always game, nonetheless exceedingly outmatched Ovince St. Preux (OSP). 

The hermit of NFL stars Arthur and Chandler Jones, Jon is a once in a era form athlete. He stands 6’4 with an implausible 215cm strech and notwithstanding a lanky entrance is one of a strongest guys on a UFC roster. He is a finish MMA fighter, dangerous on a outward with ambiguous kicks and skinny punches and lethal on a inside with station elbows. He has submitted Gracie blackbelts like Vitor Belfort and outwrestled Olympians like Daniel Cormier. On tip of that he fights underneath a best coaches in a business; Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn. On a behind of his supernatural talent, Jones rose to a tip of a light heavyweight multiplication steamrolling a review of all time MMA legends on his way. But there were always doubt outlines over his work ethic and a washing list of authorised troubles didn’t help. But now, both he and his coaching group trust he is finely holding a foe seriously. What this will interpret to inside a octagon is a frightful thought.

OSP is a former college linebacker for a University of Tennessee and is himself an A+ turn athlete. He has amassed an considerable record in a UFC and strikeforce, nonetheless has always depressed brief when holding a step adult in competition, including loses to Ryan Bader and Glover Texeria (two opponents Jones soundly beat). He tends to rest on jaunty bravery rather than skill, nonetheless this will be one of a really few occasions he is a defective earthy specimen. He is a southpaw with absolute leg kicks and beautifully timed hooks and uppercuts. He is also good during regulating his length, nonetheless will again be during a strech waste in this fight. Before transitioning to football, OSP was an superb high propagandize wrestler and his explosiveness meant there is always a takedown threat. If OSP is means to get a win and spoil a imminent hate match, it will transcend Holly Holm v Ronda Rousey and GSP v Matt Sera as a biggest dissapoint in UFC history.

Prediction: This one is all about Jon Jones. If he earnings even half as good as he was (or God dissuade better), he will clean a building with OSP. Other than punching power, Jones binds a poignant advantage in any facet of MMA. we consider he will possibly contention OSP or finish with those hellacious elbows. Trying to find value in what is radically a balance adult quarrel is tricky. Jones can be a discreet starter so a over 1.5 competence offer some value, nonetheless we am going to usually collect him true and parlay him with another quarrel after on a card. Jon Jones by 3rd Submission.

Tip: Jon Jones to win – $1.17 during Ladbrokes  
multid w/ Anthony Pettis ($1.67) – $1.95 during Ladbrokes 

Demetrious Johnson (c) 23-2-1 vs Henry Cejudo (#2) 10-0

Flyweight pretension fight

Next adult we have a fickle Demetrious Johnson fortifying his flyweight belt opposite Olympic bullion award wrestler Henry Cejudo. Johnson competence be one of a best and many underrated athletes to ever competition in MMA. Not usually is he well-developed during all areas of a game, nonetheless he is means to transition from distinguished to wrestling to grappling with unqualified ease. On a feet he has good technical kickboxing, nonetheless what sets him detached is speed. He is means to dart in and dart, inflicting repairs nonetheless holding any. He has good takedowns and illusory grappling, always looking for a submission. High aptness levels meant he is means to contend his outlay for all 5 rounds and he is an intelligent fighter, not fearful to quarrel tedious to get a win. Johnson is used to going into fights improved than his opponents during everything; however in Cejudo he will be giving divided during slightest one poignant advantage.

Ever given creation a transition from wrestling, Henry Cejudo has been earmarked as a intensity foil for Johnson. Only 3 years into his MMA journey, Cejudo is still really tender nonetheless represents a many genuine hazard to Johnson’s climax in utterly some time. His distinguished is still evolving, nonetheless he throws in good combinations and with energy that belies his tiny stature. It goes nonetheless observant that his wrestling is high and should he be means to tighten a stretch he will get this quarrel to a pad and dominate. He hasn’t grown many of a acquiescence hazard yet, nonetheless is happy to control on tip and sleet down complicated belligerent and pound.  

Cejudo has a collection to unseat a champ nonetheless we usually consider he’s a step delayed and a small green. Johnson will pierce around a octagon and measure while Cejudo swings during air. Cejudo’s wrestling competence meant he can take a turn or two, nonetheless Johnson’s category will come to front and he’ll win another unilateral preference and continue to follow down Anderson Silva’s record for many pretension defences. Demetrious Johnson by 49-46 decision.

Tip: Demetrious Johnson by unanimous preference – $2.75 during Bookmaker


Anthony Pettis (#3) 18-4 vs Edson Barboza (#8) 16-4

This one has prolonged been a dream matchup for MMA fans; it brings together a dual best technical kickers in a UFC. Anthony Pettis, a former UFC lightweight champion, is best famous for this implausible off a wall flog that warranted him a WEC lightweight championship opposite Benson Henderson:


Pettis is a high turn Taekwondo black belt and trains with mythological American kickboxing manager Duke Roufus. On a feet he can be dangerous in close, nonetheless is some-more effective during stretch where he can unleash a full ire of his descent arsenal. His many dangerous arms is a kicks that he mixes adult to a conduct and body. He also has dangerous punching combinations, nonetheless this will be one of a few opponents in that he doesn’t have a poignant speed advantage over. Pettis is an impossibly assertive grappler and his active ensure means he’s always a acquiescence threat. While traditionally not a wrestler, he has recently procured a services of Jon Jones wrestling coach, Izzy Martinez and this competence finally be a quarrel he looks to uncover off a some-more grappling centric game. Pettis’ has mislaid his final dual fights and both Rafael Dos Anjos and Eddie Alvarez were means to plans a plans to violence Pettis. Back him opposite a enclosure with consistent vigour so he isn’t means to get off any of his adorned attacks.

Like Pettis, Edson Barboza has a longlist of prominence tilt KO’s, nonetheless nothing some-more considerable than this round flog KO of bad Terry Etim:

Barboza during his best is a terrifying striker, nonetheless his career has been hallmarked by lifeless performances. Hopefully fighting another distinguished supremo will move out a best in him. Barboza has a blackbelt in both Taekwondo and Muay Thai and has a many considerable spinning kicks in a game. He throws those techniques with a multiple of lighting speed, lethal correctness and roughly no setup that make them really tough to urge against. Punishing leg kicks and a frail poke form a foundations of his distinguished game. Like Pettis, Barboza has been receptive to wrestlers and high vigour fighters. He is a fit BJJ practioner, nonetheless has 0 descent or defensive wrestling. 

The best thing about this quarrel is it is going to take place during kicking range. Both these fighters are used to opponents perplexing a tighten a stretch and cramp them, nonetheless here he should get some good Tae Kwan do action. Pettis is a distant some-more well-rounded warrior and is a some-more energetic striker, nonetheless Barboza will have a energy edge. we consider Pettis will be unfortunate to get in a win mainstay here and we design him to uncover off some descent wrestling for a initial time. Overall Pettis has a some-more different descent options and that will infer too many for his Brazilian counterpart. Anthony Pettis by 3rd TKO.

Tip: Anthony Pettis to win – $1.67 during Ladbrokes
+ multid w/ Jon Jones ($1.17) – $1.95 during Ladbrokes 


Robert Whittaker (#7) 16-4 vs Rafael Natal (#13) 21-6-1

Australian Robert Whittaker will demeanour to keep his considerable win strain total when takes on Brazilian grappling consultant Rafael Natal. Since relocating adult to middleweight, Whittaker has reeled off 3 true victories and is fast rising in a rankings. As a usually warrior underneath 30 in a tip 10, he represents a destiny of a multiplication and a win here should acquire him a shot opposite one of a middleweight elite. A karate and hapkido black belt fighting out of Sydney, Whittaker relies quite on his distinguished ability. His multiple of high output, harmful energy and speed has seen him light adult any of his new opponents. He is also fit during utilizing a karate shell to locate his opponents off guard. His years of Hapkido have given him illusory bargain of stretch and he uses this to stay out of operation of strikes and urge takedowns. His belligerent diversion is a bit of an unknown, nonetheless it’s protected to contend he will be during a large waste whenever this one hits a mat.

Natal is a blackbelt underneath a exquisite Renzo Gracie and has had a flashy BJJ career. He is a plain UFC oldster in midst of a career resurgence on a behind of 4 true wins. Although Natal has been means browbeat many opponents on a ground, he has usually cumulative one UFC acquiescence feat and tends to rest some-more on control and browbeat positions to acquire points on a judges’ scorecards. He is flattering effective during removing opponents to a pad and isn’t fearful to go for a blast double in a center of a octagon. On a feet Natal generates good power, nonetheless is delayed and plodding. Even nonetheless he spasmodic throws in capoeira techniques, his distinguished is predicted and receptive to counters, quite opposite someone of Whittaker’s capabilities. His distinguished also gets significantly sloppier a longer a quarrel goes.

This is a flattering transparent striker vs grappler compare up. Whittaker’s success in a fighting off a takedown will go a prolonged approach to last a outcome. If Whittaker can keep it station he has a improved descent and defensive distinguished and will suffer a cardio and chin advantage. we consider Whittaker has a ability to win this quarrel from bell to bell and we design him to land a large punch on his sleepy competition and acquire a KO feat and a intensity ‘number one contenders’ fight.

Tip: Robert Whittaker by KO – $2.00 during Sportsbet 


Yair Rodriquez 7-1 vs Andre Fili

The categorical label kicks off with nonetheless another humdinger of a contest. These are dual of a many sparkling immature strikers in a featherweight division. Yair Rodriquez in sold is one of a many unusual and resourceful strikers we are really expected to see. His cartwheel and switch kicks opposite Charles Rosa were a thing of beauty. He is also good during transitioning from strikes to takedowns and is a dangerous descent grappler. His biggest smirch is miss of activity and relying on a one large shot rather than throwing in combination. Hailing from Mexico, Rodriquez won a Ultimate Fighter Latin America and afterwards changed his training to a Jackson-Wink Academy. It’s going to be engaging to see what a stay of that peculiarity can do with such tender talent.

Andre Fili has a always interesting multiple of crazy distinguished charge and negligence for simple defence. He lacks a impetus of Rodriquez, nonetheless is usually as dangerous on a feet. He throws complicated hands and his charge means he’s always a one entrance forward. He employs a ‘take one to give one’ plan and relies on punching energy and chin to see him through. Fighting out of group Alpha Male, Fili is good dull in any aspect of a diversion and will have a large wrestling advantage. He is widespread on a ground, nonetheless again his over-aggressiveness for transitions can leave him receptive to submissions and his dual UFC waste have come by approach of submission. He will also have an advantage in clinch, were he can beget a lot of energy with knees and elbows. Finally he has a good nickname of Andre ‘touchy’ Fili that contingency count for something.

Prediction:  This is my collect to be quarrel of a night, we can't fathom a approach it’s going to be boring. Fili is going to come brazen and pitch for a fences, while Rodriquez will round divided and try and land a Hail Mary strike. The x-factor with immature fighters is always fight-to-fight alleviation and while we consider Fili is a improved warrior now, Rodriquez has a aloft celling. If Rodriquez is going to win we consider he’ll have to get a blocking and while he is able of that, I’m picking a loser Fili to use his improved all-round skills to win 2 rounds on a judges’ scorecards. Andre Fili around 29-28 decision.

Tip: Andre Fili – $2.30 during Ladbrokes 

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Take note: Any of a tips in this essay are simply a author’s opinion, so play during your possess risk and always play responsibly.  Also be certain to check out the Before You Bet Twitter Page for all a thoughts in a lead adult to bets! Happy punting!

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